geoDVR & LineVision for Aerial Power Line Surveys

Discover our geoDVR video recorder systems and explore our LineVision GIS/CAD solutions for airborne utility inspections and right-of-way anomaly reporting, archive and search

Airborne Power Line Inspection & Patrol Video System Package

Our turnkey Aerial Power Line Video Inspection and Patrol System packages include a mission-configured in-flight geoDVR geospatial video recorder, optional geoDVR modules, accessories as well as the post-flight LineVision video/photo mapping and reporting software. These ready-to-go kits are designed to be easily installed with your current aircraft cameras and integrate with existing inspection reporting processes and GIS/CAD systems used by utility companies around the globe.

Our Aerial Power Line Video Inspection System is a complete geospatial DVR and post-flight GIS reporting software package to get you up and running quickly. (Custom mounting and gimbal components not included)

geoDVR for Power Line Inspection

The geoDVR options below are the most common configurations for recording geospatial video & FMV from airborne power line inspection aircraft.

For Multi-sensor Power Line Gimbal Cameras
  • Select from: 2 HD/2 SD or 1 HD/3 SD or 1 HD/1 SD

  • For Fixed-mount HD Cameras & Hand-held Imagers
  • Select from: 3 HD or 1 HD/1 SD

  • geoDVR Modules
  • POI (Point of Interest) Keywords
  • Live Moving Maps
  • MISB FMV Converter

  • geoDVR Accessories

    All of our Airborne Power Line Video Inspection & Patrol Systems are bundled with the following must-have accessories and extra parts.

  • Touchscreen Monitor(s)
  • Camera BNC & Monitor Cables
  • Helicopter or GA Communication System Adaptor
  • Extra Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Optional Fixed-Mount Cameras

    For those who would like a fixed-mount camera option for recording a consistent wide swath of powerline right-of-way such as for vegetation patrols, we recommend using 3 HD bullet or lipstick-style cameras to capture the center and left and right sides of the ROW. Remote GeoSystems can include these video cameras as part of the Power Line Inspection & Patrol System Bundle.

  • (3) HD Color Marshall Outdoor “Lipstick” Cameras (1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 FPS or 60 FPS)

  • LineVision Post-Flight Reporting Software

    Our Airborne Power Line Inspection & Patrol systems come with flexible options for post-flight video and photo mapping, inspection reporting and archive software. Mix and match 10 licenses of the following LineVision desktop versions to meet your team and other stakeholders' GIS/CAD software requirements. Also consider our optional LineVision Enterprise Server offering for web-based access to map, search and archive all of your T&D line patrol and survey video and data.

    LineVision Desktop
  • LineVision Desktop
  • LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-In
  • LineVision Google Earth Extension
  • LineVision PLS-CADD

  • LineVision Server for Enterprise
  • Server Licensed On-Premise (Virtual Machine or Dedicated Hardware)
  • Get a Power Line Inspection Demo or Learn More

    Request a personalized online demonstration or contact us to learn more about how our geoDVR FMV recorders and LineVision GIS/CAD applications can improve your Airborne Utility Inspection & Patrol Operations.

    geoDVR & LineVision for Aerial Utility & ROW Operations

  • Comprehensive Annual Inspections
  • Inspections with High-Res Still Photos, High Definition (HD), Infrared (IR) & Corona (UV)
  • Wildfire Prevention
  • Physical Electric Grid Security
  • Storm Outage Assessment & Restoration
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Public Engagement & PUC Approvals
  • Vegetation Patrols & Danger Identification
  • Utility Pilot & Aerial Lineman Safety Training
  • Right-of-Way Services Contractor Bidding

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