Drone Oil & Gas Inspections with LineVision

Explore our LineVision GIS Video & Photo Mapping Solutions for Drones in Oil & Gas

UAV Optical Infrared Gas Imaging Sensors

When properly geotagged with GPS data, LineVision can accept video from IR thermal imaging cameras technology for the detection of gas leaks and fugitive emissions.

UAV Laser Gas Leak Detection Systems

LineVision can accept gas leak detection data logs from miniaturized drone methane sensors like the Pergam Laser Methane mini, the world’s first gas sensor for UAVs, and the Boreal GasFinder2-UAV to detect and measure methane gas.

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Typical Drone Oil & Gas Applications Using GeoTagged Video

  • Optical IR Gas Imaging Sensors
  • Gas Emissions Detection
  • Flare Stack Inspections
  • Offshore Rig Platforms
  • Spill & Incident Response Efforts
  • Internal/External Tank Inspections
  • Facilities Perimeter Security