Subsea ROV Geospatial Video System

Discover our geoDVR GPS video recorder and explore our LineVision GIS FMV solutions for underwater ROV survey & reporting projects.

geoDVR for Subsea ROV - Mission Video Recorder & GIS Software Package

The geoDVR Subsea ROV package is a complete geospatial DVR and geospatial FMV software solution specially-configured for turnkey operation with your underwater ROV, video cameras, GPS sources and mission requirements. All geoDVR Subsea ROV packages include an in-mission geoDVR video recorder, optional modules, accessories as well as a LineVision software package for post-mission video mapping, analysis and GIS reporting. Select from the following components to begin configuring a geoDVR Subsea ROV solution for your underwater rover projects.

geoDVR Video Recorder for Geospatial Video & FMV Data Logging
  • Configured for High-Def (HD) and/or Standard-Def (SD) ROV Camera Requirements
  • Optional live screen recording of 3rd party mission software available

  • geoDVR Modules for ROV Operations
  • Dual GPS Logging (for capturing both ROV and surface boat positions)
  • POI (Point of Interest) Keywords
  • Live Moving Maps
  • MISB FMV Converter

  • LineVision Desktop
  • LineVision Desktop
  • LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-In
  • LineVision Google Earth Extension

  • LineVision Server for Enterprise
  • Server Licensed On-Premise (Virtual Machine or Dedicated Hardware)

  • Customized Deployment and Training Services
  • Custom Development/Modifications for Specific ROV/GPS/Camera Integration (if needed)
  • 3 Day Onsite Training Covers geoDVR, LineVision Desktop & Enterprise Cloud/Server

  • *Camera sensors must be able to provide some certain additional metadata parameters to calculate video with full field-of-view locations. If additional metadata is not available the MISB FMV Convertor module will produce a MISB compliant file with ROV's position and track.

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    Typical Applications for Geospatial Subsea ROV Video Recorders

  • Seabed Pipeline Monitoring & Construction
  • Shallow Water Vegetation Monitoring
  • Power & Communications Cable Video Inspection
  • Offshore Oil Rig Platform Survey
  • Asset Reactivation
  • Underwater Archeology
  • Marine Life Research
  • Salvage & Recovery Operations
  • Many more

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