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LineVision Online offers a simple, web-based method for accessing, searching and securely sharing geo-referenced video and photo survey inspection data and reports and documents.

LineVision Online for Enterprise

LineVision Online is a secure, on-premise, or cloud-hosted (Azure, AWS) application server for geographic viewing, search, sharing and archiving large volumes of geotagged video and MISB FMV (Full Motion Video) from any data collection platform: Airborne, UAV, Terrestrial, Marine and hand-held cameras.

In addition to geospatial FMV, LineVision Online supports the upload and ‘one-click” geo-referencing of nearly any kind of rich media including: photos, audio and virtually any electronic documents or files (PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD files, etc.) LineVision Online features a flexible mapping options allowing you to incorporate and “stream” background maps and data layers from your enterprise GIS and 3rd-party map service providers.

LineVision Online is the ideal central repository and enterprise tool for managing and updating data captured from the geoDVR, drones, action cameras, mobile phones and hand-held thermal imagers.

Access, Map & Search Geospatial Videos, Photos & Files Online

  • Load Geotagged Video, Audio, Photos & Files – Users with permissions login via web browser and upload geotagged videos, photos and sensor data. Non-geotagged media like documents and files can also be uploaded and geo-referenced with as little as one mouse click on the map.

  • Store, Catalog & Archive – Manage the largest of all “big data” – geospatial Full Motion Video. Empower users to consolidate, keyword tag, annotate, catalog geo-referenced video, audio and other media data sets.

  • Powerful Search – Search for videos, photos and other media and data by geography, predictive keyword search, time, data type and other, unlimited combinations of criteria.

  • Share & Collaborate – Collaborate more efficiently with internal teams and trusted contractors by securely sharing links to immersive, interactive maps with geo-referenced videos, photos, geoProject reports and supporting data & documents.

  • Enterprise GIS Integration – Leverage your enterprise maps and imagery provided by Esri ArcGIS other OGC-compliant web map services.

  • geoProject Support – Multi-source geospatial FMV, media, maps and other data can be added or saved in an open-format Remote GeoSystems .geoProject file for data portability and collaboration in other LineVision desktop software versions and LineVision Server instances.
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