LineVision Online for Enterprise & Private Cloud

LineVision Online is a secure, on-premise, or self-hosted cloud application on AWS for geographic viewing, search, sharing and archiving large volumes of geotagged video and MISB FMV (Full Motion Video) from any data collection platform: Airborne, UAV, Terrestrial, Marine and hand-held cameras.

In addition to geospatial FMV, LineVision Online supports the upload and ‘one-click” geo-referencing of nearly any kind of rich media including: photos, audio and virtually any electronic documents or files (PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD files, etc.)
LineVision Online features a flexible mapping options allowing you to incorporate and “stream” background maps and data layers from your enterprise GIS and 3rd-party map service providers.

Now even those without GIS experience can easily view this valuable asset location-based multimedia using enterprise maps and imagery data provided by ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise and/or ArcGIS Online.


Geotag Videos, Photos, Files and Documents from any Camera or any Platform


Map Geospatial Video, MISB FMV, Photos, Documents, Esri Shapefiles & More


Prioritize, Sort, Organize & Act on Asset Management Issues with geoProjects


Create, Save and Share Interactive geoProjects as well as Automated Reports

Features & Details - LineVision Online

GeoTagged Videos
  • Support for high-definition and standard definition (NTSC & PAL) video files
  • Single camera map-based video playback
  • Multi-camera map-based video playback (up to 4 geo-synchronized files)
  • Navigate video by GPS waypoints (when applicable)
  • Chain together multiple geospatial video segments for continuous playback

  • GeoTagged Photos
  • Load oblique photos
  • Geotag or re-geotag photos
  • Snap and save geotagged digital still images from videos
  • Manipulate photos

  • GeoTagged Audio
  • Load geotagged audio files (without video)
  • Listen to audio from the video files
  • Annotations & Documents
  • Geotag & update annotations on the map
  • Geotag & update documents and files on the map

  • GeoTagged Annotations & Documents
  • Geotag & update annotations on the map
  • Geotag & update documents and files on the map

  • GIS Mapping
  • Add local shapefiles & raster satellite/Aerial Imagery
  • Connect to ArcGIS Enterprise (formerly ArcGIS Server) & ArcGIS Online
  • Load GPX files with and without video
  • Export waypoints from video as a GPX file

  • Compatible GPS Video Cameras
  • COTS (consumer-off-the-shelf) video cameras like Garmin ViRB, ContourGPS and some Sony POV & Handycam models
  • Commercial and professional Drones like the DJI Inspire and Phantom Pro series UAVs
  • Airborne multi-sensor gyro-stabilized systems connected to a geoDVR or other compatible GPS-enabled DVRs
  • Multi-camera mobile mapping vehicles using a geoDVR or other compatible cameras

  • Reporting & Data Portability
  • Save your data fusion and analysis work reports as a .geoProject file for easy collaboration, data portability and simple delivery to clients and end-users with LineVision Desktop

  • Interface
  • All panels are movable and can be “floating,” “docked” and resized
  • Customize and save preferred layout and application settings
  • Take a screenshot of the application interface
  • GPS Video & GPS File Support

  • Supported for Upload Video File Format: .MP4, H.264, .AVI, .TS, .MOV, .ASF, .PS, .VOB, .MPG4, .MPEG4, .MP2, .MPG2
  • Uploaded Video File Format: Web Streamable .MP4 video file
  • GPS Companion File Format: .GPX, .CSV, KML, .TXT, .LOG, .FIT (Garmin VIRB, other), .SRT/Flight Record Log .TXT (DJI drones), .SKY/.UTM (Yuneec drones), .MOFF (Sony action cameras), .RGPS, .XML (Cloud Cap Technology, Red Hen Systems)
  • Embedded Video GPS Metadata: MISB Full Motion Video (FMV), GoPro embedded GPS, DJI closed captioning, Remote GeoSystems “Whisper” (our Patented, “Constantly-Persistent” GPS Encoding)

  • Geo-tagged Photo Support

  • .JPG: GPS metadata in EXIF header
  • Un-geotagged Photos (.JPG)

  • Geospatial Map Data Support

  • Vector Files: Esri-compatible Shape Files (SHP)
  • Raster Imagery Files: Esri-compatible Raster Imagery files.
  • Streaming Data Endpoints: Esri-compatible Streaming Data Endpoints (ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Online, etc.)

  • Geospatial Project Packaging

  • Remote GeoSystems .geoProject file
  • Portable Project File:
  • Remote GeoSystems .geoProject “Uncompressed” file
  • Remote GeoSystems .geoProject “Pack & Go” .RGS file (similar to a zip file) Video GPS Companion Files
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